Ramos agrees with López on the referee’s case.

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Sevilla defender Sergio Ramos has the same mindset as Girona defender David López Silva. Demanding the same respect from referees football.

Sevilla’s 37-year-old defender Sergio Ramos has commented on referee Miguel Angel Ortiz’s decision to punish David from the Spanish Football Federation’s Disciplinary Committee. López Silva banned Girona’s defender for 4 games, with Ramos having the same thoughts as the 34-year-old defender. As revealed to ‘El Partidaso de Cope’ yesterday Last Thursday ทางเข้า UFABET

Girona expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision of the RFEF Disciplinary Committee to ban David López Silva for four games. After the 34-year-old defender criticized referee Miguel Angel Ortiz for There is a behavior of contempt, disrespect and arrogance. Ramos, the veteran defender of the Sevillano team has no different thoughts. 

‘I don’t have to evaluate it. But referees make mistakes and so do we. But what happens when we make mistakes is that we get a yellow card or a red card. When the referee makes a mistake They should also see the consequences. Just like what happened when they were left behind in the game.’

‘We are ready to help. In terms of the case the previous day He is a controversial figure. If you ask some of the players, [Ortiz Arias] will speak with an arrogance that is out of character for a referee. And obviously as a player We don’t like that.’

‘Referees can make mistakes. Football is complicated. And they probably won’t see anything at all. above all else All we ask for is respect. That’s what we show to the referee as well,’ Ramos said.