Dragushin agent reveals players don’t stop at Tottenham

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Spurs fans may have been stunned after Florin Mania, Radu Dragushin representative revealed that. Tottenham Hotspur is just a gateway to a big club in the future.

Florin Mania, agent for Romania defender Radu Draguchin revealed that. His move to Tottenham Hotspur is just one step forward for the 20-year-old defender. Because the player still has dreams of playing with big clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid in the future. As revealed to Romanian media ‘Digi Sport’ on Thursday ทางเข้า UFABET

‘We are only beginning the path. And We want him to reach the best team in the world.’ Mania reveals Dragushin’s future goals

‘We are close. Bayern is one of the biggest clubs. But his dream is Real or Barcelona.’

Barcelona have also been linked with Dragushin. But the Azulgrana have not made any offers to sign the Romanian international defender. There were only offers from Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Napoli.

‘Everything written about Tottenham, about Bayern, about Milan, And about Napoli is an official proposal. And it’s true. But there was no offer from Barca. I didn’t talk to anyone there.’ Mania said.

Back in 2020, young man Radu revealed that Virgil van Dijk was his inspiration on the pitch. With many features Similarly, the 1.91 meter tall unit plays the ball well in the air. And most importantly, the average of being dribbled through is only 0.1 times per 1 Serie A game!