The deal for playing Tiger and Dragon is 52 cards

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The deal for playing Tiger and Dragon is 52 cards.

The side between the left side is “Tiger” and the right side is “Dragon Fire” If the cards are open. Which side has the highest number of points

Until that side wins with details on the sub. Allowing the gambler to play a lot. Unless main rules from the picture.

The middle 3 compartments are mainly large channels. Which are slots. Where personnel will open 2 cards from the deck.

The left-hand side is a “tiger card”. The right-hand side is a “pi-dragon”. We can invest money on any side, or always go down “pretty much.”

deal playing cards

1. For placing bets, you can choose to place 3 types of bets, which are Tie, Tiger wins, Dragon wins.

2. In the game, however, the game, you will have only 25-50 seconds to place bets, but the table and the website that you choose to play

Before the dealer makes an action, stop accepting bets and show the cards.

3. The score of the card, however, Tiger and Dragon the card K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, A = 1. In addition, the score of the card is considered to call the number on the card.

4. Win/lose decision will look at the number of scores of the cards, but on each side and the dealer will deal cards on each side in order to

It’s a measure of luck that which side of the card will have more points.

5. If the result is a tie (Tie), you bet in the slot will pay only 50% of the stake used for

You bet on the dragon 100 baht,Tiger and Dragon but the result is a draw. You will lose only 50, leaving only 50 baht change.

Thousands that are easy. Hassle-free, take a fast time to earn. Make cards huge recognition within a short time and then get stuck. We call another name internationally Dragon Tiger (Dragon Tiger). But can play no matter where with UFABET