Fish Shooting Game Investors must study how to invest or Practice.

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Fish Shooting Game Investors must study how to invest or Practice.

That you yourself Will be able to make money, make profits. Online casinos for real money at UFABET. mobile phones from fish shooting games to get even better. Each fish will have a different score. The fish with the lowest score There will be a score of 2 points, which for the numbers shown at the gun your own

that’s the amount You have to shoot the fish at one time, with a value between 5 -100 if you shoot that fish dead. Then bring the score there to multiply with the number of points of that fish for newbies. Who has started making that investment. Because of that. There are many items.

how to play fish shooting game How many types of guns are there? 

the investor himself It should be learned. And study the guidelines. Before you actually invest in the application. or web service provider that you yourself have chosen In general. The type of gun generally of that fish shooting game. There will be 2 types of guns to play with. 

Assault gun focuses on attacking. intense target by this type of gun Has a high attack power and very fast,.But when you yourself Will shoot that gun, this type will not immediately penetrate the fish. Because because There may be other fish that come to cover. Which makes the fish you aimed at it 

by being able to escape or other players have come to shoot first. Which in most cases It is popular to use guns. This type is very with slow-swimming fish or near the barrel of the gun most of you in order for the fish to die quickly in the end

The gun focuses on accurate target shooting. Where you have already selected the target. will fire immediately And this type of gun. When fired, will follow the fish. that you have been shooting all along Until the fish that you shoot escapes from the scene where the gun will stop firing by itself. by this type of gun Most of them are used to shoot with Item fish or various boss bosses